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Dripping Overflows

Is your toilet cistern overflowing? Or the overflow from the loft tanks? This may mean that the ball inside it is damaged and not rising enough, or that the float arm needs adjustment. Take a look inside. If the ball is lower in the water than one-third

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Location of the Main Stopcock

A stopcock controls the flow of water from a main supply water line into a residence or other type of building. Knowledge of the location of  this valve becomes vital in the event of a break occurring in a water  pipe located inside a residence. Water flowing

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Dripping Taps

A dripping tap is easier to fix than you might think, often just a replacement washer is needed, and by doing it yourself you can save the cost of a plumber. You’ll need a spanner, a flathead and crosshead screwdriver, cloth, tap washers and possibly pliers. Sometimes a

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Cold Radiators

Air trapped in the top of radiator (cold radiator, at the top) Solution: Bleed out the air (and re-pressurise the system if required) Poor or no flow to radiator Possible faults:  faulty valve, system not balanced correctly, air lock, blocked pipes, underpowered boiler Sludge in radiator system (as

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